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About the Luminaries category 1 August 20, 2018
Mo Lotman - "What if instead of blindly riding the wave of futurism, we actually took on the responsibility to vet the latest developments and make conscientious decisions about whether and how they should be adopted?" 1 March 7, 2019
Jane Jacobs - "Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody." 1 November 2, 2018
Andrew Keen - “Rather than creating more competition, it has created immensely powerful new monopolists like Google and Amazon.” 1 September 8, 2018
Ellen Ullman - “I've been told that women have trouble as engineers because we'd rather relate to people than to machines.” ― Ellen Ullman, Life in Code: A Personal History of Technology 1 September 8, 2018
Bianca Wylie - “We have been deeply concerned over the misuse of data, privacy and data sovereignty and we believe the public is starting to realize the cost of what they were giving up." 1 August 24, 2018
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