A New Map Shows All The Places Where Police Have Partnered With Amazon's Ring

" Digital rights group Fight for the Future has compiled a map that shows the breadth of Amazon Ring partnerships with local police for the first time. The interactive map lists dozens of cities that have formed partnerships with the doorbell camera company across the US — though there may be more secret partnerships in the works.

To narrow down the map to show where local law enforcement works with Ring, users can filter the map for “Police” (local and state) and search for the word “Ring.”

“It’s impossible to talk about government surveillance without also talking about corporate surveillance,” Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, told BuzzFeed News. “These Amazon Ring partnerships with police are the perfect example. A private individual can buy a private surveillance device from a private company and install it at their private residence, but then the information it collects can be transmitted to government authorities because that company has a for-profit partnership with the cops.”

“Amazon is aggressively marketing surveillance products, including facial recognition, to government agencies with a proven track record of human rights abuses,” Greer told BuzzFeed News. “Like Microsoft, they claim they’re open to regulation, but that’s because they want to assuage people’s fears and avoid the real debate over whether this type of surveillance has any place in a free and open society. There is no amount of regulation that will “fix” the problems inherent in facial recognition. It must be banned.”"

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