AI experts from top universities SLAM predictive policing technology

" Prominent thinkers in the fields of artificial intelligence say that predictive policing tools are not only ‘useless,’ but may be helping to drive mass incarceration.

In a letter published earlier this month the experts, from MIT, Harvard, Princeton, NYU, UC Berkeley and Columbia spoke out on the topic in an unprecedented showing of skepticism toward the technology.

‘When it comes to predicting violence, risk assessments offer more magical thinking than helpful forecasting,’ wrote AI experts Chelsea Barabas, Karthik Dinakar and Colin Doyle in a New York Times op-ed.

‘Instead, the P.S.A. sacrifices accuracy for the sake of making questionable distinctions among people who all have a low, indeterminate or incalculable likelihood of violence,’ say experts.

To help better prevent crime, researcher suggest easing reliance on algorithms and putting resources into more holistic measures.

‘Policy solutions cannot be limited to locking up the ‘right’ people,’ the write.

‘They must address public safety through broader social policies and community investment.’"

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