AI Moving Us Towards Driverless Photography. ET TU, CLIP! #Dystopia #Orwell #Technoskeptic



Wearing privacy down one techfarce at a time.

“Frankly, I’m not quite sure what this is for. Apart from the machine learning to hit record for you, it doesn’t seem very useful. It can’t record video at a decent frame rate, doesn’t have a mic, and doesn’t appear to have any water resistance, making it worse than a GoPro in pretty much every way, excluding the smart motion-capturing.”

"This is the future of social media. Not the Clips camera itself, but the software inside of it. As wearables and smart-home devices become more commonplace, smartphones become less visible, and Google is preparing for a world where Glass actually looks good and sells well. Snapchat Spectacles proved people are into the idea of a camera attached to their glasses – but now imagine if that camera automatically captured the coolest moments of your day and lined them up to be shared across social media platforms whenever you wanted. It sounds like something out of Black Mirror, and it’s exactly what Google is building up to with Clips."

"However, during Payne’s presentation, I was reminded of Dave Eggers’ The Circle and its ability to capture the pervasive surveillance of technology companies. To me, Google Clips is an invasion of our privacy. Even though the hardware itself has been built with an eye to reassurance around security, it nevertheless posits a culture where always-on cameras could become the norm."

"Clips is a $249 clip-on camera that automatically records several seconds worth of bursts of “action” in your life. The company is positioning it as harmless — like GoPro for the mundane — and aimed at people who might want to record precious memories of their kids and pets. Not like Glass, which got banned from places such as bars and dark movie theaters, where bespectacled early adopters were known to roam."