"Anger Rooms Are All the Rage. Timidly, We Gave One a Whack." - If vegetarian, why not just eat meat?


Why fret about internet monopolies killing free speech when you can drop 70$ and smash up some ancient computer screens and large assortments of Hooter’s shot glasses?

"The vibe and aesthetic of the Wrecking Club is part CBGB’s basement circa 1977, part Stasi interrogation room. Each room is clad in pocked cement and plywood for maximum “smash effect,” as Mr. Daly put it. Drywall, he pointed out, wouldn’t be hard enough to break stuff against. Hanging on an entry wall is a still photograph from the cult turn-of-the-millennium movie “Office Space”: the beloved printer-smashing scene. The rooms have been lightly embellished in black and orange spray paint by Derrick Gutierrez, a graffiti artist who is also Mr. Daly’s FedEx delivery guy. “He tagged the place as if it were a bridge,” Mr. Daly said admiringly. “I wanted it to have a Brooklyn-in-the-1990s vibe. I think he crushed it.”

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