Apple’s FaceID: Tool For Mass Spying? #dystopia #orwell #technoskeptic



Wired misses the real problem almost completely and tags a bare mention of it at the bottom of its article, highlighted below. If people get accustomed to using their face instead of passwords out of sheer laziness then for the same reason they will start allowing gratuitous face recognition for every tom/dick/harry app and all the upcoming ever tighter security requirements out there. Like sports events or entering a bar or a mandatory emotional check before entering your workplace. It does not stop there. “What have you to hide?”,they will say. Just give us your face and prove you are innocent.

I actually had a pop up question box jump at me when I logged into Linked-In recently. They specifically asked me why I did not want to post a face photo on my profile page - in kind of a belligerent “in my face way”. FU Linkedin.

“However, the unresolved fight between Apple and the FBI over encryption makes this an unreliable remedy. Similar to the government’s desired method in that case, it might, in theory, order that Apple surreptitiously override its operating system, but this time in a manner that generates duplicates of its FaceID and routes them to the company and the government. Another concern: If iPhone users become accustomed to holding their phone up for face scans to unlock their phone, those consumers could be more vulnerable to other facial-recognition systems with fewer security and privacy protections.

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