Are We Happy Moving Towards A Future With Permanent ‘Eyes in the Sky’? - #Dystopia #Bravenewworld #Technoskeptic #Bigbrother #Future



“French company Elistair (and others) envision a future where drones stay in the sky permanently. They specialize in developing tethered stations for civilian drones (see main image) which dramatically increase the time a drone can stay in flight. Currently their tethered drones have a flight time of “up to 10 hours and more” but they are eventually aiming for drones that never come down to land.”

“My objection to us heading in this direction is not so much with the technology itself but how, without the proper protections in place, it will be used. If there are powerful drones either patrolling or monitoring the air that can zoom in on any one of us walking down any street at any time, that sounds like a pretty friggin scary future to me. That is not necessarily a vision of the future that anyone is proposing but given the track record of US authorities such as the NSA when it comes to surveillance – it would hardly be shocking if they took things to the next level with drones.”

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