Artificial Intelligence and ‘I want to be a Cyborg!’ - Who should be giving the finger to who?


Artificial Intelligence and ‘I want to be a Cyborg!

“Given your increased intellect from cyborg attachments you are healthier (e.g. a ‘Fitbit’ replacement has evolved to hidden below the skin, monitoring vital heath statistics and optimising and rewarding your fitness) and happier (e.g. mood drops are met with the necessary positive social and cognitive intervention).”

It will take a thousand years to move from microgears to human like robot skin and muscle so in the meantime just learn to live with that titanium gear on human skin feel.

“Holidays are scheduled automatically, based on your psychological and other needs, and those of your family and friends, as well as your bank balance and available funds. Your bot will also ensure that your employer or investments are performing optimally, and swap either with your approval or automatically (whichever you set as the default).”

Let’s make today “Finger Your Nose at Robots Day” or how about “Robot Finger Your Nose Day” ?