Brotox: the new job security for men?

"Whether it’s men trying to stay relevant in their current workplace or older men trying to re-enter the workforce, brotox seems to piercing all industries.

Just this week, former vice president Joe Biden’s appearance at the second Democratic debate in Detroit had many voters raising their eyebrows about the 76-year old’s new look.

Hairdresser Mark Rippon tells the New York Post “having popular barbershops offering this service further validates to men that self-care is OK and very normal.”

So what’s the price tag for men wanting to stay looking young?

Tehrani tells FOX Business a typical brotox session costs an average of $900 and is generally needed twice a year for maintenance. Compare that to a custom suit which can range from $800 to $1,800.

Men quickly learning being a metrosexual doesn’t come cheap."

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