Casinos Bet on Smoothie Slots, Desperate to Lure Millennials - #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Bravenewworld #Future



““We believe that these are the games of the next generation,” says Rick Hutchins, a senior vice president for slot machine strategy at MGM. While the games require some skill—Gamblit’s Into the Dead, for example, involves seeing how many zombies you can blast—the size of the cash prizes is determined randomly, much like traditional slot machines.”

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“The legendary poker player Doyle Brunson said it perfectly: In order to get action, you’ve got to give action. Benny Binion understood this when he opened Binion’s Horseshoe in 1951; so did his son Jack Binion when he opened the Horseshoe Tunica in Tunica, Miss. in 1995. The latter casino was (at least prior to the sale of Horseshoe Gaming to Harrah’s Entertainment in 2003), in my mind, quite easily the best value gamble in America for small and big bettors alike, offering single-deck blackjack games at a range of stakes, high odds craps, easy comps, and a great 24-hr. buffet (according to the most recent copy of Current Blackjack News I have, most of those single-deck games have since been converted to double-deck games).
The problem is that the gaming industry as a whole is giving less and less action, while millennials in general are more perceptive to the nickel-and-diming.”

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