Cities will be connected (hardwired) with hyperloop


Hyperloop, a complete city to city solution to bypass the need to actually get on the freeway and catch some country vista’s. My guess is they will “project” on screen an occasional country vista along with a slew of corporate advertisements while you are locked down and traveling at 800mph.

A section of hyperloop 10 years after quantum intercity teleportation is discovered - next year.

“Some experts are skeptical, saying that the proposals ignore the expenses and risks of developing the technology and that the idea is “completely impractical”.[12] Claims have also been made that the Hyperloop is too susceptible to being completely destroyed by a simple terror attack to be considered safe or disruption from a power outage.[12]”


Here is a good reason to take the train to LA instead of the Viperdoop. Stars at night.

Cosmic Railroad