DMT psychedelic drug becoming popular in Silicon Valley/San Jose


The drug for quick transport to the world of the mechanical elves is becoming trendy in San Jose/Silicon Valley. Maybe we find out the mechanical elves have been largely responsible for the Valley’s incredibly disruptive inventions. My guess is that if we dig deep enough we will probably find a large civilization of software elves as well and APL would be their favorite language of course.

All you need to know about DMT and future of Silicon Valley creativity.


Rumor has it that the great pyramids were mainly Pharaonic sensory deprivation chambers. Think of the bliss state floating in warm saline inside an 80 ton granite sarcophagus deep inside a million ton pyramid. Prediction: sensory deprivation will be the next corporate trend with our without DMT.


Work is a form of sensory depivation. No need for blinders and a warm salt bath.


Maybe the mechanical elves are just conjured up by our minds to explain the freaky DMT caused imagery. Like a sanity survival mechanism. If the elves don’t show you would be lucky to wake up half sane.


We all have a tiny bit of DMT inside to call on in times of great need. I wonder if a lot of ancient fairy tales were the result of a bit too much DMT slipping into some bard’s bloodstream during a poetry slam.

These elves look a bit too mechanical if you ask me.


Those are dark mechanical elves for sure.


So the Great Pyramids were just a big dunk tank for priests and a few lottery winning slaves! Sensory deprivation can be a wonderful thing. If this commercial for an SD trip doesn’t convince you the Egyptians were onto something maybe you need some SD.

If the Pharaohs were connecting with a mechanical elfin race during their sessions they did not bring much back. That may not be the case nowadays especially if Elon Musk gets his hands on one of these tanks and maybe a few mechanical elves.