Facebook Wants To Know Who Or What You Sleep With #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Bravenewworld #Future



“The social media company often asks people to provide more basic personal information to be included on their respective profiles, like gender, birthday, former schools, work history, email addresses, and even religion if one feels so inclined. But it also apparently asks some users to finish the statement “I usually sleep with…” in order “to help friends get to know you,” according to Business Insider.”

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"You can use it by opening the “What’s on your mind” box and scrolling down to Answer A Question. You can skip questions you don’t want to answer, but if you come across one that you do want to answer, you can post it as a status update.

Questions and statements served up by Did You Know include:

Would you rather get up early or late?
The night before an exam, I…
I was over-excited when…
Someone once tried to flirt with me in…
Biker boots or cowboy boots?
My favourite position to sleep in is…"

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