Feds Concerned About Companies That Can Spy On Kids - #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Bravenewworld #Future



“Decades ago, it was a Teddy Ruxpin bear toy that “talked” with children through a tape player hidden inside.
Today, the conversations of children with certain Wi-Fi-equipped toys can be picked up via the Internet.”

““As the Internet of Things develops an increasingly ubiquitous role in American life, and a greater amount of personal information about children is potentially collected through such devices, it seems likely that there will be continuing questions about whether the approach taken by COPPA and similar laws to the protection of such information is appropriate or sufficient,” the report said.
Among other dangers, such WiFi-live toys could be hacked, “allowing third-parties to surreptitiously communicate with a child through the Internet-connected toy,” the report said.”

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