First #Digital Pill Approved to Worries About Biomedical ‘#BigBrother’ - Jack In Responsibly - #Dystopia #Orwell #Technoskeptic



““Is it going to lead to people having fewer relapses, not having unnecessary hospital readmissions, being able to improve their vocational and social life?” he asked.
He added, “There’s an irony in it being given to people with mental disorders than can include delusions. It’s like a biomedical Big Brother.””

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“When it comes to IoT and life sciences, the opportunities for bringing digital insight into the production, distribution and usage of medicine holds great promise. However, there are some major privacy and data issues that must be taken into consideration. Unlike the data associated with what kind of shoes we like or whether we like wheat bread rather than multigrain, this information strikes at the core of us as humans — our well-being. How would this data be used by the likes of insurance companies? Could they adjust their coverage based on this data?”
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Regarding the Proteus Pill:
“We’re trying to put one of these in every single pill, so you need an astronomical number of unique serial numbers,” he said. “And then there is data integrity. If the data isn’t correct, all of this really means nothing. The whole idea here is to get accurate, objective data, and then make some judgments on it. There are more challenges. You get into the reliability. It’s basically a medical device, and we have to be confident that every single pill is reliable and works, and actually gives us the answer we need. It has to be highly manufacturable — we need a good supply continuity — because we’re going to be in very, very high-volume production and we want it to continue. We can’t have any interruptions in that. And, as always in my world, cost has to be as low as possible. But realistically, the cost has to be very insignificant relative to the cost of the drug itself. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. Some of these things we addressed specifically in the second round of the ASIC [design], where we added some functionality and performance. And of course, we were not allowed to increase the die size at all.”
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