Fresno PD & Fresno Sheriff's team up with Ring doorbell system

"FRESNO, California - Law enforcement say video surveillance can make the difference in catching a crook and getting a conviction in court. In an effort to help solve more crimes quicker, both the Fresno Police Department and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office have agreed to partner with Amazon’s Ring.

The areas two largest law enforcement agencies, will be using the Amazon’s Ring app called neighbors.

The neighbors’ app allows you to warn others about suspicious people or even share videos of crimes that take place in your neighborhood.

You don’t need a ring doorbell or have a video surveillance system to belong to it.

The user creates a geo-fence around their property to get alerts.

Now both the Fresno PD and the FCSO are training how to access the neighbors’ law enforcement portal.

If you’re concerned about big brother watching, don’t be!

Ring told CBS47, its users privacy is still a top priority."

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