From Motel Room Skin Flakes To Brad Pitt Babies Via IVG - in vitro gametogenesis #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Bravenewworld #Future



"Knoepfler noted that some of the potential repercussions of IVG could turn into “cloning” or “designer babies.” Other dangers could include the “Brad Pitt scenario,” in which celebrity’s skin cells retrieved from random places, like hotel rooms, could be used to create a baby.
Potentially anyone’s skin cells could be used to create a baby, even without their knowledge or consent.
In an issue of Science Translational Medicine earlier this year, a trio of academics – a Harvard Law professor, the dean of Harvard Medical School and a medical science professor at Brown – wrote that IVG “may raise the specter of ’embryo farming’ on a scale currently unimagined, which might exacerbate concerns about the devaluation of human life.”

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