Google Home records and saves your conversations - Why no digital assistant will ever be called Eve. Eve's dropping - get it?


People using digital assistants are mere watering cans for artificial intelligence gardens owned by Google, Apple, Facebook and the other AI microgardens cropping up everywhere. That's why they don't make it easy to delete your conversations. Especially Amazon's Alexa which requires a trip to the cloud, logging into your account, finding the right tab and .............{To do a bulk-delete, you'll need to visit, click the "Your Devices" tab, select your Alexa device, and click "Manage voice recordings." A pop-up message should appear, and clicking "Delete" will wipe out your saved clips.)

“IF YOU GOT an Amazon Echo or Google Home voice assistant, welcome to a life of luxurious convenience. …
But you know what? That little talking cylinder is always listening to you. And not just listening, but recording and saving many of the things you say. Should you freak out? …
However, it’s still a reasonable concern for anyone worried about privacy. If you only use Chrome in “Incognito Mode,” put tape over your laptop camera, and worry about snoops sniffing your packets, a web-connected microphone in your home seems risky. It’s a fair thing to be unsettled about. …”

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