Google to build first Digital Utopia In Toronto (Brasilia II) - #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Today



Sorry about the movie “Zardoz” flying stonehead god, intruding on such a serene Utopian scene. Cities are supposed to be made gradually by human hive mind behavior over long periods of time. Grave urban mistakes are prevented that way. How many times do you see a Zardoz Godhead sticking out of a beehive or anthill? Never. You just know Google will screw it up maybe worse than this.

"Work will begin soon on the city near Toronto, Canada.

Google called it “the world’s first neighbourhood built from the internet up”.

The web giant’s Daniel Doctoroff said: “We believe that by leveraging technology and combining it with really smart, people-centric urban planning, we could have really dramatic impacts on quality of life.”"