Hidden Ways Architecture Affects Feelings #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Smartcity



"We now know, for example, that buildings and cities can affect our mood and well-being, and that specialised cells in the hippocampal region of our brains are attuned to the geometry and arrangement of the spaces we inhabit.

Yet urban architects have often paid scant attention to the potential cognitive effects of their creations on a city’s inhabitants. The imperative to design something unique and individual tends to override considerations of how it might shape the behaviours of those who will live with it. That could be about to change."

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“All of this comes at a price, of course. Although the company hasn’t named one yet, in a blog post, they did state, “we are entering an age where most anyone will be able to virtually participate with nearly any activity humans can dream of. The cost of entry is not free or cheap. But it’s never been free to enter the theater, eat a great meal, or travel the world. The difference is going to be that we are removing the barriers that had only allowed those of privilege to embark on humanity’s greatest adventures.””

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