HK police use tear gas, protesters cut down 'smart lamppost'

" Hundreds of black-clad protesters armed with bamboo poles and baseball bats fought with police officers wielding batons on a main road following a march against “smart lampposts” that was sparked by surveillance fears.
Hong Kong protesters cut down a “smart lamppost” as they skirmished with police on Saturday, and officers fired tear gas at demonstrators as chaotic scenes returned to the summer-long protests for the first time in more than a week.

Protesters used an electric saw to slice through the bottom of the lamppost, while others pulled ropes tied around it. The demonstrators, who were holding up umbrellas to hide their identities, cheered as it toppled over.

They were part of a larger group marching to demand the removal of the lampposts over worries they could contain high-tech cameras and facial recognition software used for surveillance by Chinese authorities."

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