#Human Brain Organoids Implanted Into Rats - Descartes Turns In Grave #Creepy #Dystopia #Technoskeptic



“Scientists have debated whether these brains are “conscious,” but the fact that they could be successfully implanted in lab animals raises a whole new set of ethical concerns for the researchers who work with them. One of the major concerns in the mini-brain scenario is that these organoids could grow to more advanced levels within lab animals, making the debate about mini-brain consciousness much more urgent.”

“We are entering totally new ground here,” Christof Koch, president of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, told STAT. “The science is advancing so rapidly, the ethics can’t keep up.”

“The implications of giving animals human brain tissue — and thus potentially a measure of human consciousness — does raise ethical concerns. We’re far from that point at the moment, researchers say, but the technology could advance to the point where we can augment rat brains to become more human-like. If that happens, how should treat them? Some ethicists argue that we can no longer perform experiments on them as we have been in recognition of their greater humanity.”