"Indescribably Hideous" – China's Harvesting of Uyghur Muslim Organs – Byline

"t’s now beyond doubt to any reasonable person that China is carrying out the world’s largest industrial scale persecution of a religious minority since the Holocaust, but what remains in question is our ability to grasp the full extent of the horrors taking place against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang.

China has established a hi-tech totalitarian system that gives the Communist Party total and absolute control of every citizen in the country, deploying GPS tracking and voice and facial recognition capabilities that allow the government to, not only track the movement and location of every Chinese ID card-carrying resident, but also control the behaviour of those it deems to be a pesky minority.

China has taken the biometric data of each and every one of three million Uyghur it has detained throughout its network of concentration camps.

For the political leadership in Beijing, the Uyghur, the indigenous occupants of Xinjiang, pose a potential future threat to its ability to realise its goals via the ‘One Belt, One Road’ economic strategy, which aims to provide China unfettered access to markets in Europe and Asia, thus allowing it to mitigate the risk it views the Malacca Strait chokepoint to be to its long -term survival.

When I spoke with Enver Tohti, an exiled Uyghur oncology surgeon who is credited by human rights groups with involuntarily carrying out the first known case of live organ harvesting in China, he explained how he removed the liver and kidneys from a prisoner who had been shot in the chest with the objective of, not to kill him, but to send his body into shock.

“I was called by my chief surgeon to go to a room near the Urumqi execution grounds to remove the liver and two kidneys from an executed prisoner,” Tohti told me. “It turned out he wasn’t fully dead because they [the Chinese execution squad] shot him through the right chest to knock him out, so I would have time to remove his organs” – a surgery his chief surgeon demanded he perform without giving the prisoner any anaesthetic.

Tohti saw the man’s heart beating as he removed his kidneys and liver."

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