Is Facebook censoring conservatives or is moderating just too hard? - #technoskeptic

" Last year, Prager University took to Twitter to complain about Facebook. The conservative organization’s grievance? Facebook had blocked videos that were flagged as hate speech.

One of the blocked videos argued that men should be more masculine, rather than less. Another video stated it wasn’t Islamophobic to argue that the Muslim world is currently “dominated by bad ideas and beliefs.”

This story is part of [REDACTED], CNET’s look at internet censorship around the world.

Facebook quickly apologized, tweeting that the blocks were mistakes. The social network, which defines hate speech as a “direct attack” based on religion, gender or other protected characteristics, said it would look into what happened.

That didn’t satisfy PragerU or some of its more than 3 million Facebook followers, who accused the company of intentionally censoring conservative speech.

“They didn’t do anything until there was a public outcry,” said Craig Strazzeri, chief marketing officer of PragerU, adding that the social network has a history of censoring conservative speech.

PragerU has sued Google-owned YouTube twice over allegations of conservative censorship. A California judge dismissed one of the lawsuits in 2018. The other is still ongoing. PragerU also said that Twitter banned it from advertising.

The organization’s troubles with Facebook aren’t over, Strazzeri said. Facebook users have told PragerU that they’ve liked a post only to go back and discover it was unliked, or find that they’ve unfollowed PragerU’s page when they haven’t. A Facebook spokesperson said the company would look into these issues if PragerU provided more information.

It’s unclear whether the reported changes are real, intentional or just another mistake made by Facebook."

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