Killer robots ‘so intelligent they’re like gods’ will rule mankind: ‘Humans

" Explaining the singularity, David Wood D.Sc. exclusively told Daily Star Online that the intelligence of future machines will be beyond anything humans can possibly imagine.

Today, AI has only what we call “narrow intelligence”.

This means while AI can be designed to beat humans at chess or chat about Shakespeare, one machine can’t do both at once.

But David, co-founder of Transhumanist Party UK, said that in the future, “one of the first things that AI will do is design a better AI”.

We will therefore be at the mercy of these new “beings” whose goals are “so far advanced of ours that we can’t conceive it”, he said.

“And we have to hope, in that case, that in their new state, these beings are going to care about us.

“We sort-of care about the apes, but we’ve killed most of them and there are very few of them left.

“If we come up against a bunch of ants and we are building a new office block we don’t think ‘Oh these ants are quit cute, they’re quite clever, look at their network society and their anthills’, we just bulldoze them into oblivion."

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