Letting go: trusting #AI to do its thing while #humans do theirs - #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Bravenewworld #Future



“Businesses that have since adopted AI quickly realized that part of the unwritten contract is surrendering control of data-related tasks and decision-making to a machine—either at the tactical or entire process level. They’re also learning to let go of their need to interpret and act on data insights. As a result, the decisions they’re making post-AI adoption are drastically different in nature than the ones they were making pre-AI. But somewhere in between AI adoption and full AI integration, these companies are having to cope with their fear of relinquishing control to a machine.”

Reading this you would think AI wrote the “contract” and maybe the article??

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Way the best and buttered thricely. You “will” want to ditch your Siri.

Chatty Irish humans talk about AI takeover but in moderate and prudent Joie de vivre.

Nutty but nice.

Glitchy and probably on purpose?

AI is “already” a bitch.

Almost too much uplift here but It does have “AI Takeover” in the title.