Literary Twitter: Marketing, Shaming, & Censorship in the World of Publishing #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Future



“Writers are not known for their extroverted personalities. Until relatively recently, writing was a famously solitary activity, with several degrees of separation between an author and their audience. Thanks to social media, that is no longer the case; virtually all authors, from indie chapbook writers to multimillionaire novelists, can be sought out personally online, available for comment on everything from particular character motivations to their favorite show on Netflix. Such immediate and direct contact marks a significant change in the way that author-reader relations have carried out for decades, enabling literary conversations on an international, real-time scale. This new, permanently accessible form of authorship may be beneficial for building a following and bumping sales, but it raises some interesting questions regarding technological choice and boundaries for the modern author as well as the broader literary community.”

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