Marking Their Territory – Air Mail - Thanks to the tech crowd, San Francisco is now home to more dogs than children—and the city is forever changed - #technoskeptic #dystopia

Today in San Francisco—the city named for the patron saint of animals—dogs are so commonplace (and believed to bolster morale and ensure longer workdays) at companies including Lyft, Airbnb, Zynga, and the countless start-ups housed at dog-friendly WeWork that it’s unremarkable to see a golden retriever sitting at the cereal bar. (Lyft regularly hosts “yappy hours” and dog-fashion shows.)

But the culture that has emerged around dogs in San Francisco, where they now outnumber children, is truly state of the art. Pups are welcome nearly everywhere (even with no-pets-allowed landlords) if the pooch is declared an emotional-support animal, which was the case for every dog I encountered for this story. The city’s demographic is skewing younger and richer, and people are staying single for longer, having fewer children, and procuring dogs.

“I get that dog walking is something of a luxury amenity,” says Levin, watching the scene unfold in front of us. “But it’s relatively tame compared to the other stuff that’s here now.” That new “dog life” now includes dog-centered happy hours, dog spas, dog co-working spaces, dog “resorts” that cost upward of $150 a night, canine massage parlors, and dog pool clubs. There is a puppy “junior high” and “high school” offered by the dog training service known as Puppy Prep (the Magna Cum Laude weekday package is $2,450), Chinese acupuncturists and French bakeries that exist only for dogs, and a members club called Doggy Style that costs owners up to $1,500-a-month. An annual daytime gay dance party at the Virgin Hotel benefitting a senior-dog rescue. And, when the time comes, one can even enlist the services of a dog-death doula."

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