Minds "Properly" Magnetized Have Altered Musical Tastes - #Dystopia #Orwell #Technoskeptic #Future



“Showing that the way people value music can be changed using this technique is “an important – and remarkable – demonstration that the circuitry behind these complex responses is now becoming better understood,” said Professor Robert Zatorre, a neurologist at Canada’s McGill University and senior author of the Nature Human Behaviour study.”

They will own our values…

"Professor Zatorre thinks that this work could be applied to treat conditions as diverse as addiction, obesity and depression, because such disorders also rely on the brain’s reward circuitry.

“Showing that this circuit can be manipulated so specifically in relation to music opens the door for many possible future applications in which the reward system may need to be up- or down-regulated,” he said."

Queue the “Ahhhoooooooooooo”

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