My all time favorite architectural word. INVAGINATION


Every once in a while you run across a word and its unusual usage that makes you stop in your tracks and want to change careers.

INVAGINATION George Carlin could have done an entire show on this one word. Puccini would have sold his soul to the devil for a chance at rendering it into opera.

This New Zealand architect uses the word to mean a transform of inside surface and volume to the outside via a bit of stretching and inversion. The idea is totally tubular as in tubular transformation into and through itself. This is also a life threatening condition where the intestine collapses into itself - the medical usage of the word. A high rise walkway between two buildings is a form of invagination. There is only one thing stopping Richard Goodwin from transforming city structure via invagination and porosity - what he calls the heritage mafia. Nostalgia nutjobs that want to keep old interesting buildings old and interesting and without invagination, porosity and “parasites”. I straddle the fence on this one. I think we need to see more interesting examples of invagination on a city wide scale starting with Detroit or Seattle before cutting these concepts loose on more uptight cities like New York and Chicago.

It could be cool to see an invaginating walkway connecting Trump Tower on fifth avenue to the art museum across the street.

The “Invagination Monologues” was “an episodic play written by Eve Ensler which ran at the Off-Broadway Westside Theatre after a limited run at HERE Arts Center in 1996. Charles Isherwood of The New York Times called the play “probably the most important piece of political theater of the last decade.”” just kidding. That was the trendy in its day “Vagina Monologues” Laugh with me Wendy.


What is the opposite of invagination? Protruberation? If so I see your invagination and raise you a protruberance!


Is this what you get when you combine the two? This is like the strangest form of 3D Karma as in what goes around comes around.


I am just not getting this. Admin!


Fancy that.