Nano-Nukes, Nano-Mosquitos - don't look now but hold onto your Burritos


What sense does it make to not control these extremely destructive - its always in the wrong hands - technologies as early as possible which everybody will eventually be able to buy at their local Starbucks? And to the degree there is profit in it shouldn’t we expect that corporations will enable that?

So what profit is there in mini nukes? As the article states, there is no radioactive fallout from their use. This means that there will be huge interest at some point in using them for mining on Earth and especially on asteroids or the moon. Which makes sense from a purely economic viewpoint of course. But its dangerous for sensibilities to be pure in any case. Nothing worse than somebody with virgin sensibilities, especially policy makers.


In the near future even your burrito could destroy the world - via chain reaction. Such is the risk of nanotechnology. Taco Bell may see the writing on the wall early enough to start making its burritos too small to fit a nuke inside. A better overall defense would be to make all food and food containers transparent for easier detection.


The march of technology is towards ever more power in ever smaller packages. We should expect that this neglected universal law might end up in the dustbin of history along with everything else.