New fundamental law of nature will ensure Elon Musk's neural net will hook you into the .... NET. Guaranteed - such is the power of natural law


Forbes writer, Anthony Wing Kosner has a big interest in Constructal theory and so do a lot of other people. The theory says pay attention to “flow” since the tendency to ever more efficient flow drives the evolution of just about everything you see on a daily basis. Disconcertingly, it also is driving ALL of the Big Brother information extraction tentacular-technology that keeps tapping on our bodies looking for a way to get inside. Profit motive is a big motivator too granted but perhaps profit and loss is just a pumping system for ever greater flow. There is no evil intent necessarily which is a very inefficient way to go about transforming flow anyway. It is all about flow begetting ever more efficient flow.

All this flow vascularization of the universe is fine but there is the inevitability of technology worming its way into our bodies and minds - to consider - to make it much easier for this flow increase to occur. Cameras, smart phones, smart watches, Musk’s neural nets, injectable implants, GPS, smart applicances etc.

So constructal theory should make the types of techno-intrusion a bit more predictable. Word is out that Apple is betting billions on being able to measure insulin levels “through the skin”. It is extremely predictable (based on constructal) that there would be quite a few companies ready to spend billions on measuring and channeling thoughts through your skull. It seems to be a larger market than diabetes eventually. Thought trumps insulin for flow impact. Maybe the easiest route through the skull is just to make it quite a bit thinner in places.

Clever trepanning maybe?

"But according to Kohn’s version of Google’s (not so) evil plan, since everything we do online generates revenue for the company, all it has to do is “improve speed and accessibility to the Internet.… to shorten the distance between any activity and the Internet.”

Kohn works systematically through 13 of Google’s major initiatives and shows how this principle is at work in all of them. What is interesting about this approach is that it’s easy to imagine that this is the way that many at the company conceive of what they are doing—making a faster, more enjoyable user experience—the side benefit of which is increased revenue.

If you’ve read any of my stories about Adrian Bejan and his Constructal Theory of how design improves flow in systems, the analogies to Google should be clear. From its initial search product, the company has continually innovated to improve the quality of search results (preventing multiple searches), return those results in fewer milliseconds and then auto-complete as you type to shave off still more. In typical Google fashion, it is attacking the engineering problem at each level between the user and the internet with products and services that change the physics of our engagement with data."

"Q: In the simplest non-technical terms, what is the Constructal Law?

A: The Constructal Law is my statement that there is a universal tendency (a phenomenon) toward design in nature, in the physics of everything. This tendency occurs because all of nature is composed of flow systems that change and evolve their configurations over time so that they flow more easily, to create greater access to the currents they move."