New trend facilitating city control, domination and interconnection


This is the perfect example of a breakaway startup for cities to self organize and increase the polarization between the city and everything outside. Note the empty and self serving defintion of national dysfunction used to justify ever increasing amounts of city dominance over state and national interests… Great blackhole article.

"National dysfunction is hardly restricted to Congressional gridlock in the United States and the dark carnival of the Presidential primaries. It is also rife in Brazil where an elected President was impeached by a national congress, over 50 percent of whose members face criminal investigations. From Hungary to Poland, angry, right-wing populist administrations are taking charge. In the Philippines, a hard-boiled gunslinger has assumed the presidency. The countries of the Arab Spring have become engulfed in vicious wars, terrorist insurrections and junta governments.

Against this grim backdrop, cities are a promising alternative for democracy to thrive naturally. Where nations are independent, competitive and defined by rigid borders, cities are cooperative, made for trade and defined by bridges rather than borders. And increasingly, cities are getting connected and becoming the most interdependent of political entities."

“In the future, it may not be so much senators, governors and or even heads of state that will define our fates — but mayors. Let’s make sure they have all the tools at their disposal to succeed.”


Cities aren’t so bad if you see them as a means for the country egg perpetuating itself by creating more city hens. As long as a few eggs roll back out to the country everything will be fine. If you’ve raised a few chickens you know what I mean…