Nice graph for wealth distribution but where does the 1% live?


This graph shows that the last stick man on the right of the graph is the 100th or 1% man that controls the 40% of the money curve above him. But where does that little man live. He lives in the city of course percentage wise. Many live in the burbs or the country but my estimate is that at least 75% live in the city. The city banks are where the wealth is housed and controlled. Checking here the map shows the location and the percentage for that 1% living in these cities is 66%. A huge percentage of that money living outside metro areas will be “retired” money.


The “Snowflake” super rich are moving underground or at least playing the urban survival game like only they can. This money could be moving into the manufacturing sector and probably would have if not for globalist tendencies to superconcentrate wealth. Once superconcentrated the money gets squeezed out into abnormal areas - like the hundreds of millions if not billions spent on bugout superbunkers.