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"‘He was born in a wonderful Christmas tree.’

Others took a more traditional approach to the subject matter:
‘The holly bears a berry and reindeer. He was born today! And Santa baby bore sweet Jesus Christ, And the chimney the angels sing.’

The AI Christmas songs are the latest results from research scientist Janelle Shane, who often trains neural networks on popular content, from beer names to Harry Potter spells, with side-splitting outcomes."

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"After a few more rounds of refining its rules, the network still hasn’t mastered the whole “making sense” part, but at least it learned to use festive words in its attempts.

The lord of the glory dawns
Give us the leave all away
A star is spent and red
Shake a cup a strend from the sky
Christmas is coming, the wind is come to you"

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"Strend’ is actually a recently “trademarked” word:

STREND is defined as a balance of upper body strength and cardiovascular endurance and comes from the first three letters of the words STRength and ENDurance. click here to continue. If you’re looking for a total fitness challenge, you’ve come to the right place. STREND is a registered trademark with the Patent and …

Maybe the AI is spoofing us with Strend…