Persian Surgeon Perfects The Vagina - coworkers say he is anal retentive


At the Invaginarium we don’t need to tread lightly with breaking news like this. Jody suggested the category maybe because she was on the receiving end of Dr. Marashi’s modus operandi? Probably not because “Invaginarium” goes way beyond perfecting the already perfect. There are other things to talk about but perhaps on another day. Now for Today - The Day Of All Days!


Susan Sarandon should say a few words about perfection. Because she is, all the way down to her love for Bernie Saunders. If Ridley Scott could just get off his ass and find a script good enough for both Susan and Gina, I will be happy.


This Persian here - Xerxes the Great - might have had the delicate hands and unswerving courage to take on some of the challenges Dr. Marashi has had to face.

Quoting from the article: “Marashi can shorten your labia, tighten your vagina, amplify your g-spot and even tighten the strings on your clitoral hood, so to speak.”

Now Xerxes the Great might have done all that a little differently.

“Xerxes can summon your labia, command your vagina, interrogate your g-spot and even weave an Afghan rug on your clitoral hood because he is a really good knitter in his spare time.”


“Marashi… He’s been doing this work for a long time and believes he’s making women’s lives more comfortable, happier. One reason a woman might choose to get her labia shortened, he says, is to make riding a bicycle less harrowing.” The Persian Surgeon

Ebay has that one covered - so the Persian can stay away from your Labia.


I am sorry but Susan Sarandon is too cool not to rise above and I do mean way above this tawdry article from Kase Wickman from the New York Post.

“In the age of narcissism and self-creation, it shouldn’t necessarily surprise me as much as it does that there’s a demand for surgical vaginal beautification. Marashi cites “basketball wives and singers, not singers you would know like Shakira and Beyoncé, but backup singers,” as being among his clientele, as well as everyday New Yorkers.” Vagina Showcase

I guess that means that Shakira and Beyonce don’t want their toes (Camelus Dromedarius) competing with their backup singers. That is so cruell.


Let’s look at this from a man’s perspective or what should be the perspective. Depp has had his share from plump, to petite to probably near perfect. He gets it.


The rise of Yoni and the Yoni Mudra.

Check it out. Here is the wikipedia yoni mudra yoga hand sign run through a few gimp filters. What do you suppose appears “randomly” from that effort? I say randomly because the random kernel emerged in the middle of the hand sign completely unexpectedly. The “All Seeing Eye”. This all seeing eye of feminist perception revealed in the middle of the yoni mudra which is the trendy symbol for the Vagina, aka the progressive liberal women’s movement. Threepath, why not use this as the main icon for the Invaginarium category?

Basically what is happening is the vagina has been playing the penis a game of chess for at least a thousand years and playing the tortoise to the hare. This is a game we would all want played for “position” only and not to win. Yoni versus Lingam

Here is a stylized version of the yoga hand sign for the lingam:

The lingam photo looks something right off the wall of a Pompeiian bordello.

A couple of videos showing what is basically a hand sign for the vagina which over a thousand years or so mutated to become a much more complicated symbol. Now it apparently has healing powers when done correctly and if you are in the right frame of mind to begin with like maybe right after having sex.


Thanks Mouseblitz. Hands down the best Yoni Mudra graphic I have ever seen. Its now the Invaginarium category graphic.


Choose mine for the category graphic! I spent 3 days on this one to get it just right. It blows the cupcakes right off your sinister Yoni graphic, Threepath. Maybe both together? This was actually inspired by a bad dream I had driving a Tesla in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco timelined in the the early 60’s. The tires were square on one side and triangular on the other. Wavy Gravy was inflating balloon hats driving down the road on a Segway. Trippy. Elon Musk was there signing up hippies for a one way trip to Mars.


Ten/Ten, great Gif. Wavy Gravy never looked better and in the Groove 5x5. I will add this to a category collection and we will have a vote after it fills up a bit.

Here is one to add to the pot. There are quite a few Sheela Na Gig carvings throughout Ireland and England dating back perhaps to the 11th century. One guess is the original intent was to to shame people who back in those still relatively pagan days might have been a little too sexual for the Church of the day. The relatively slow motion from ancient rock profanation to modern art symbolizes how abstraction from the profane to the sublime is just a a few mouseclicks away nowadays.

““The premisis of the game is that the theft of the Sheela-na-Gig causes an alien invasion”.
The ‘Sheela-na-Gig’ is a real artefact, which was stolen from Kiltinan Church, Fethard, County Tipperary, Ireland in 1990. Fethard is the best example of an Irish medieval town left intact. Kiltinan Church is sited on land owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber, author of the musicals ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, and ‘Cats’.”


Maybe not worthy of being a category graphic but WTF? anyway?

When a concept can tilt a Kookabura’s massive beak like this…


Scratch too deep on this topic and you might get bit! But the biting depending on the pounds per square inch, could be worth it. Instead of “harder, harder, harder,” maybe “more PSI, more PSI, more PSI”?