Reddit Is Suffocating “The_Donald.”

"… It was a rowdy, nonstop Trump extravaganza, replete with dank memes, “redpills” (a reference to taking the red pill in The Matrix ), testimonials, campaigns, and encouragement for those doing great work in the online world. A profound sense of community and camaraderie was fostered by this atmosphere that is rarely seen online. The Donald grew at breakneck speed; quickly growing to more than 760,000 members. The fellowship was strong and the mission was clear: get Donald Trump elected to the White House.

And in this mission, The Donald was wildly successful, earning one of the top two spots in all of the internet for creating and disseminating the most effective viral content the world had ever seen. The Donald played an important role in meming President Donald Trump into the White House.

But Reddit’s progressive administrators couldn’t tolerate that, so they decided to put their thumb on the scale.

Reddit’s strategy is transparent. It has established a template that other social media companies can model to effectively silence conservatives. This strategy slowly turns down the volume on conservative users and platforms instead of banning them outright. By breaking their censorship into varied opaque components, it becomes more difficult to pinpoint, challenging to prove, and nearly impossible to oppose.

Other prominent social media platforms are already adopting this template. Twitter, for example, is banning fewer people now than they were just a year ago. Why? Perhaps because they can much more easily restrict who can see your tweets, limit how many people retweet and interact with you, put you in quarantine, and pressure you to leave out of frustration.

The largest Pro-Trump community in existence, outside of President Trump’s Twitter account, has been systematically silenced, and you likely never even knew about it. Many of the biggest stories in conservative media break there first, before being disseminated to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Moreover, The Donald is responsible for at least 15 of President Trump’s viral meme tweets. The expansive influence of The Donald is evident.

The slow strangling of The Donald is not just a story about a subreddit—it is a blueprint for what is to come."

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