Robot hires human being for first time as AI conducts job interview

"A robot has hired a human being for the first time in history as an AI was left to do job interviews.

Robotic head Tengai has been commissioned to carry out recruitment in the Upplands Bro Municipality, Sweden.

Tengai resembles a head on a stick, with a friendly looking face beamed onto a screen which wraps around his plastic skull.

The robot was developed by recruitment company TNG together with the tech firm Furhat Robotics.
He is reported to have hired a man called Anders Ornhed, from Jarfalla.

“This is often done through private questions that get us emotionally involved.

“The robot never asks such questions and never gets emotional.”

Furhat Robotics advert features a woman with a hijab being turned down by three recruitment managers before being given a job by Tengai."

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