Silicon Valley startups can appear artfully deranged and therefore qualify as art


"Art like common sense and sanity (unfiltered by a tech. lens) is hard to find in Silicon Valley but according to this article it exists inherently in the conceptual blockbusting that takes place a million times a day at the thousands of startups in SV. Perhaps SV should be thought of as the Thomas Kincaid binary equivalent of the technosphere.

“It’s an imperfect solution. But what is the alternative? In the tech industry, the wealthy don’t tend to become arts collectors or philanthropists. Unlike Charles Saatchi, they don’t take on young artists as patrons, even if just to fuel their own egos. Instead they start more companies, or fund venture firms, or launch quasi non-profits. Meanwhile, traditional arts education and funding has become increasingly coupled to technology anyway, partly out of desperation. STEAM adds “art” to STEM’s science, technology, engineering, and math, reframing art as a synonym for creativity and innovation—the conceptual fuel that technology already advances as its own end anyway.”

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