Six U.S. Cities Make the List of Most Surveilled Places in the World

" Conversations about privacy concerns in recent years have often focused on the online space, given high profile data breaches and repeated revelations of tech companies’ misuse of personal information. But the private sector isn’t alone in surveilling people, and invasions of privacy aren’t just threats online.

Offline surveillance by the government has grown exponentially in the past few years. One estimate found that the number of security cameras in the U.S. grew from 33 million in 2012 to 62 million in 2016. Now, a new report from Comparitech, a technology research firm, takes a count of the number of closed-circuit television cameras owned by both government and private sources in cities around the world and compares that with the city’s population to find the density of cameras.

But law enforcement in some cities may soon find it harder to make new partnerships or invest in further surveillance. The ACLU is leading a legislative push at the local level called Community Control Over Police Surveillance, an effort to ensure that city councils have regulatory power over surveillance technologies. The group says this is important because in most cities, the public and elected officials are unaware when police departments start using surveillance tech."

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