Techno-Prophet Jaron Lanier in the Berkeley Hills Sees Silicon Valley’s Sinister Side. Shown "merged" with fellow musician Ian Anderson. #Futurist #Technoskeptic #Human


"Mr. Lanier, who discourses eloquently on subjects like limerence and lust in his book, says: “The future I’d prefer to see is one where people use VR together to make really crazy imaginative experiences that might be sexual or might not. Where you turn into fantastical creatures and that sort of thing. Or when your bodies merge in some ways. That to me is so much more interesting than the porn. Porn is a product of the cinema era. It’s an old-fashioned way of thinking, locked in the 19th century.”"
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“We get to see inside the mind of Lanier, one of the true pioneers of Silicon Valley. He tells us his life story. It’s vivid and absolutely extraordinary. His parents were both brilliant and very unusual. His father, Ellery, was an architect and science writer who had been “a minor radio personality in the 1950s”. His mother, Lillian, was a musician and entrepreneur who at one point had her own lingerie brand. The family lived on the Mexican border. Then, tragically, Lillian died in a car crash. Jaron was nine. “My slate was shaken clean,” he says.”