There Are Those That Want Our Robots to Deceive Us.... #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Today



But what they aren’t telling us is they will shortly be 10,000 times better at deceiving us than we ourselves. There is just no slowing down progress.

“One of the more intriguing essays, “White Lies and Silver Tongues: Why Robots Need to Deceive (and How),” is authored by Will Bridewell, a Computer Scientist at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory where he works at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, and Alistair M. C. Isaac, a Lecturer in Mind and Cognition at the University of Edinburgh, where he is program director for the MSc in Mind, Language, and Embodied Cognition. They argue that deception is a regular feature of human interaction, and that misleading information (or withholding information) serves important pro-social functions. Eventually, we’ll need robots with the capacity for deception if they’re to contribute effectively in human communication, they argue.”