Tokyo Station’s new guidance robot is extremely terrifying, pretty helpful

" Would you rather be frightened or lost ? You’ll probably need to pick one .

No fewer than 16 train and subway lines run through Tokyo Station , including half a dozen Shinkansen bullet train lines. That makes it one of the most convenient rail hubs in Japan, but also one of the most potentially confusing ones too.

The fear of getting on the wrong train only grows if you’re an overseas visitor who doesn’t speak Japanese, but luckily Tokyo Station now has a guidance robot, named Semi , who’ standing by in the Gransta subterranean shopping center, which connects directly to Tokyo Station’s ticket gates. Semi can guide you to your destination in seven different languages, Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, and French, and the robot is designed to respond to spoken questions , which, in theory, should make the exchange feel reassuringly natural and friendly."

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