U.S. Cities are Tied with China as the Most Surveilled in the World — Steemit

"The land of the free. What a joke that is becoming. You may have more freedom than other nations, but that is shrinking as the surveillance state continues to expand.
We know that China has heavily been ramping up it’s surveillance, with an expected 626 million cameras set to watch the 1.4 billion Chinese by next year. That’s 1 CCTV for every 2 Chinese.

It turns out the U.S. is close behind, with authorities and law enforcement lying to the public about how many CCTVs have been expanding into America. CompriTech released a report putting the U.S. as a top nation where cities have the most CCTV camera surveillance.

This is the world we are living, and where we are headed towards more of. No matter what the lying authorities say, we are living in a mass surveillance state, and it’s only growing. A total full spectrum dominance control grid is the goal."

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