Unreal Cities - Architects want to be Social Engineers Too - just with a hundred stories at a time instead of one!


"And while Townsend senses a whiff of Orwell in plans to trick out every dwelling—stacked in looming residential communities with names like “Worldstate”—with sensor-laden two-way video screens, he anticipates that everyday life in such a world will be “delightful.”

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Jacobs inspired gentrification - oops

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Corbusier inspired Brasilia - double opps


“One only has to look at the hi-tech nerve centre that IBM built for Rio de Janeiro to see this Nineteen Eighty-Four-style vision already alarmingly realised. It is festooned with screens like a Nasa Mission Control for the city. As Townsend writes: “What began as a tool to predict rain and manage flood response morphed into a high-precision control panel for the entire city.” He quotes Rio’s mayor, Eduardo Paes, as boasting: “The operations centre allows us to have people looking into every corner of the city, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.””


“In predicting the apocalypse only to offer redemption, the rhetoric of the smart city unwittingly invokes a two thousand year old formula: that of the bible. And, as so often when the bible is invoked, the smart city reeks of hypocrisy: a desperate search for a good cause to ease a bad conscience. It is the pursuit of business that lies at the core of the smart city. Nothing more, nothing less. While eager to claim a large, lucrative portfolio of public tasks, the smart city refuses any public accountability. It is the perfect veil for an aggressive form of privatization, one that reduces the actual city to the cadavre exquis of corporate interests.”: