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Technoskeptic category:
“Technoskepticism” is loaded with negative connotations - for now. Since technology has become a religion and the air we breath, appending “skepticism” to that “Techno” godhead creates a “sacrilegious” word that just enrages the technophile, leaving no chance for changing perspective. We have an innate impulse to be obedient to higher authority. Technology has replaced religion to a large degree and has become the target for our relatively unquestioning obedience.

Technoperil category:
“Technoperil” does a much better job than “Technoskeptic” to convey a sense of urgency to monitor and discuss technology excesses.

Blackhole City category:
Over half the world lives in cities now - 70% by 2050.
Cities are reactors/crucibles/test tubes that are responsible for most of what we know as civilization. Most progress at least defined as “ever better explanation” takes place in the big cities. Its much easier for the city to shake us up than us to shake the cities. It pays to know what is shaking you up or down.