What Does The Next Generation Of Smart Cities Look Like?

Can you say Techno-Cucked?

" Most people, when they think of smart cities, probably think of science fiction; Big Brother’s telescreens in George Orwell’s 1984 , or retinal scanners in convenience stores a la Demolition Man . But the reality of the smart city in the real world is far more benign, with an emphasis on technologies that power the infrastructure of the city itself. Even today, smart infrastructure controls our power grids, our water flows and our traffic patterns.

However, somewhere soon, the smart city as we know it today will begin to take siloed systems and connect them, integrating infrastructure around us with our devices, our online data and ultimately our lives. Even at home, smart devices controlled through the internet of things (IoT) are beginning to integrate into single points of control. Imagine that at the infrastructural level."

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