Working Class (not smart city crowd) Likely To Be Right About Robot Takeover #Dystopia #Technoskeptic #Botshot



The wisdom of the working class crowd is a good foil for artificial intelligence anytime.

"“When we asked the same questions of working class folk, you don’t get the same sense that it’s something that is helpful to them or improves access to career opportunities.”

These social factors play into people’s attitudes towards the coming wave of automation technologies.

“Those folks who are optimistic hope it will take over the dull and boring work we hate and create new categories of work for humans to do,” said Smith, “but the American public does not buy the notion that it will be good for everyone.”

Three-quarters of Americans expect that machines doing human jobs will increase inequality between the rich and the poor.

“They believe that a small number of people do well and everyone else loses their jobs to the robots,” said Smith."