World’s first ever human-monkey hybrid grown in lab in China

"Scientists have successfully formed a hybrid human-monkey embryo – with the experiment taking place in China to avoid “legal issues”.

Researchers led by scientist Juan Carlos Izpisúa spliced together the genes to grow a monkey with human cells.

It is said the creature could have grown and been born, but scientists aborted the process.

The team, made up of members of the Salk Institute in the United States and the Murcia Catholic University, genetically modified the monkey embryos.

Researchers deactivates the genes which form organs, and replaced them with human stem cells.

Doctor Ángel Raya, the director of the Barcelona Regenerative Medicine Center, admitted the hybrid experiments do have “ethical barriers”.

He said: “What happens if the stem cells escape and form human neurons in the brain of the animal?

“Would it have consciousness? And what happens if these stem cells turn into sperm cells?”

Núñez has said however if any of the stem cells begin to form a human brain, they will “self destruct”. "

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