Yoshua Bengio AI Guru wants breakup of Big Tech #orwell #dystopia #technoskeptic



Use AI Deep Learning itself to set the optimum size for information companies versus benefits to society. Perhaps the best way to determine that is make the training data set from the profile photos of their employees. The higher the angst level in their faces the more likely the leviathan companies they work for would be broken up - like 100% seven years ago or so.

“AI is a technology that naturally lends itself to a winner take all,” Bengio said. “The country and company that dominates the technology will gain more power with time. More data and a larger customer base gives you an advantage that is hard to dislodge. Scientists want to go to the best places. The company with the best research labs will attract the best talent. It becomes a concentration of wealth and power.” When some of the young people gathered around him looked a bit dejected, Bengio responded, “Don’t despair — fight.”